How to Choose a Bag for Everyday Use

How to Choose a Bag for Everyday Use

For a lady and also for some men, a handbag is an undeniable staple. It’s both a necessity and an accessory and is used every day. For the majority of women, having a go-to handbag always makes getting ready in the morning easier. That way you don’t have to keep changing bags and moving your belongings from handbag to handbag. So, of course, it’s a common fashion question: how do you choose an everyday bag? An everyday bag should be versatile, be the right size etc. Below are tips to help you choose an everyday bag.

Choose a high-quality bag

How to Choose a Bag for Everyday Use

This should come as an obvious point. When looking for that perfect investment bag it is crucial to search for quality. You’ll be using this bag very frequently so it’s advisable to invest in it and get something with a good quality so it will last and not give in to wear and tear easily. Look for bags that have solid Bag Straps as you will be carrying it frequently. Buy the best quality you can also because is a piece that you will be toting around to a slew of events and you don’t want to settle for anything less than amazing quality. Unlike a statement dress that may be hard to re-wear, a handbag is something that can be re-worn and so easily re-purposed in your wardrobe.

Since the primary purpose of this bag is to fit into your everyday life, make sure it is functional and elegant. This way you don’t look sloppy all the time. Think of what’s in your handbag and what you carry with you every day and think how you’ll want them to fit into the new bag. If you have the time, take an inventory of all the items in your most frequently used bag and go from there. For example, if you carry a laptop everyday r a tablet, you should take that into consideration when buying the handbag. You would want to get something big enough to fit your laptop, or tablet to any other devices you usually carry your camera. If your handbag is usually heavy because of the type of things you carry around all day, you should take that into consideration. Your bag should be suited to bear the weight and size of your personal belongings. For example, the Bag Straps should be strong enough to hang from your shoulders without sudden wear and tear. When you take these needs into consideration, then you find an elegant option that also fits the technical and functional requirements.

Choose to Buy what you Like

How to Choose a Bag for Everyday Use

An everyday bag has to be practical in use, pretty in function, but most importantly, you have to like looking at it. It’s with you all day, and most likely you’ll carry it to social outings if you don’t have the time or inclination to switch out your purse with every wardrobe change. So make sure to choose a handbag you’ll enjoy.  Identify what you want in terms of aesthetic and go from there. This is not a time to experiment with a new look or to try out a fad. Make sure the handbag you buy fits in with your current aesthetic and the clothes and items in your wardrobe. Choosing a handbag for everyday use may seem tricky at first since it’s something you’ll carry at all times, but you’ll be pleased that you took the time to think it through. Never settle for a bag you don’t absolutely love because there is a perfect one out there for you at the right price

Buy a Bag made with solid materials

How to Choose a Bag for Everyday Use

When selecting an everyday bag, be sure to buy one with a solid and long-lasting material. For example, leather is a great fabric because it ages so well. It is one of the rare things in life that looks better as it grows older. That is why it is an amazing choice for an investment bag. You can have this piece for years and it will only get better and better. The same goes for faux leather. Once you get through the process of deciding on an aesthetic that appeals to you and a handbag style that will match your lifestyle, the only remaining thing to be done is very simple. That is to check the materials and make sure they’re durable. Handbags today are frequently made out of manmade materials, so don’t be discouraged if you find a beautiful bag but it’s not leather as faux leather is just as good and even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Try looking up reviews to see how it weathers if you’re worried. However, if it’s produced by a reputable manufacturer and is well made in other areas, such as the zippers, hardware, and Bag Straps, then you shouldn’t have any problem. Nonetheless, make sure you know what you’re getting.

Choose a Neutral Colored Bag

How to Choose a Bag for Everyday UseAdditionally, think carefully about colors and textures. You might not want to get a neon pink handbag as it’s not especially ideal for everyday situations. Same way you don’t want to purchase a white bag if it’s going to get thrown around a lot, such as on public transportation or being toted from place to place, even if it’s the perfect style and size. Get a bag in a neutral color that will go with most outfits and fit into most situations. Most women go for a black handbag for this reason but it doesn’t always have to be black. You can get an everyday bag in a nude color tone, grey, or even navy blue. These are classic and multifaceted colors that can be paired with almost anything. From jeans and a tank top to a little black dress, a neutral handbag can complement so many different styles, pieces, and personalities and if you’re the quirky type who loves to make fashion risks, then go ahead and get that pink or yellow bag and make that your signature look.

Choose a Structured Handbag

How to Choose a Bag for Everyday Use

No matter what style you gravitate towards, geometric, linear, organic, a structural handbag is always the best idea. It will better withstand the daily wear and tear and it will easily retain its shape. The last thing you want is a saggy handbag, instead, opt for a sleek and structural style that will last longer.

Avoid bags with large logos

How to Choose a Bag for Everyday Use

Like anything, trends come and go. When you are investing in a handbag you want to try and think long term. Still, go for a statement piece or head for a reputable label, but try to avoid a large logo that will scream the place of purchase. Subtlety is always chicer and it will stand the test of time. Overly designed handbags tend to go out of style pretty quickly and you might end up looking tacky.

Hope these tips help you as you make your purchase decision and of course always remember to keep your bag clean and away from dust and dirt.


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