T-straps for Babies Straight Out of a Book

I guess I need to ask: When did buying for my baby girl get to be such a competition? I knew when I got pregnant and found out that we were having a girl that I was going to be in for a wild ride, but I didn’t expect so much outside influence to that ride. There are too many moms with too much time and willing to spend too much money on their babies. I get that they are only this young once, but it can be too much of a hassle to try to keep up with their lifestyles. My simple solution starts with t-straps for babies.

Why T-Straps for Babies?

t-straps for babiesMaybe it is the simplicity of what a t-strap is in the realm of fashion and the fact that they have been around for almost 100 years. Obviously, their original formation came about for women of style and cutting edge fashion trends. I’m not so worried about being on the cutting edge with my baby girl, but what the t-strap does for us is make it easy to dress her up or dress her down.
The universal look of t-straps works for both her Sunday best and a quick outing to the park and it looks great for both. What I have found is that I keep a few different colors on hand that tend to go with most everything:

  • a matte black, which usually is for more formal times
  • one to two pairs of natural toned ones for just about every occasion
  • a little bit wild color like pink or deep blue

The other thing to keep in mind, especially when buying multiple shoes, your baby’s feet grow very quickly, so I would suggest that you buy a couple different sizes at a time. You don’t want to buy them too big, but having them too small can cause undue pain on your baby, and undue worry for you. So, check every couple of weeks to make sure her toes aren’t cramped, that there are sore spots on her feet or ankles and that she also gets plenty of time without shoes. She’s still growing and needs to be able to nibble on her toes and feel the fresh air across her feet.

Why T-straps Instead of Other Shoes?

t-straps for babiesBy no means am I trying to sell you on just t-strap shoes, particularly because there are so many varieties of shoes, socks, booties and even moccasins out there. I am sure that when my little girl gets a little older and begins to make choices of her own that t-straps are not going to always be at the top of her list. I sort of like being able to make all those choices for her now, but that time is limited.

At my baby shower, I received several pairs of shoes ranging in styles, sizes and colors. One pair that were absolutely adorable with sequence and a bow on the back caused me the biggest headache; they were just a little big on her, but she wasn’t doing much more than turning over and sitting up. It was a struggle to get them on because they were stiff material on the top and made of hard rubber on the bottom. Once I was able to get them on her, it wasn’t long before she was tugging at them, and eventually crying until I took them off. Needless to say, I didn’t keep them long, and every other pair that were similar I donated.

I absolutely loved the homemade booties and socks that I received, mostly because they helped me get through my first couple of month. I really didn’t use anything else but these things just to keep her warm. This could be my advice to you when buying something other than diapers for a baby shower.

Other Piece of Advice

t-straps for babiesGoing along with the story of the sequence shoes, don’t buy hard soled shoes for children that haven’t mastered walking and running. Soft-soled shoes are ones that are very flexible, have very little sole and structure to them and allow your baby to feel the ground beneath her feet. This is part of the progress that needs to happen when she is learning to walk, by learning how the toes help to balance her, how it feels to put all your weight on one foot, the trickiness of one foot in front of the other, and so on.

No matter what you choose, you are the most important person and people in that baby’s life. If you feel differently about shoes, t-straps or anything else for her, don’t hesitate to take that road.